Prometheus Rebound
By the Numbers

Thursday evening
February 20, 2014

“She’s dropped off the grid. All our efforts to reacquire have failed.”

The man on the other end of the line blows out his breath disgustedly. “One of the other interested parties?”

“Yessir, must be. She couldn’t have disappeared so completely on her own.”

“But you don’t know who took her?”

“Her trail ends at the Vegas airport. Surely that means—”

“I don’t pay you to make guesses, I pay you to surveil. You lost her.”

The caller pauses, face burning. “Yessir.”

A sigh of surrender is barely audible over their connection. “Whoever took her, it means it’s starting.”


“Fine—move on the others, and do it quick.”

“I’m already in position. What about the code?”

Another snort of disgust. “It’s too late. Everyone and their brother has it by now.”

The caller feels a sinking sensation in his belly. “I’m sorry, sir.”

The apology is ignored. “Have your people keep an eye out for her. If she surfaces, I want to know immediately.”

“Yessir.” The line goes dead, and the man slaps shut the clamshell phone. Gazing through the windshield of his parked car, he makes another thorough scan of the darkened street. There are no streetlights, but with a foot of snow and a full moon, visibility is no worse than twilight.

A light comes on above the front door of the Lawson house, a small one-story. Finally.

The man watches as a woman and teenage girl emerge, the girl with tied ice skates slung over one shoulder. The woman calls something back into the house before pulling the door closed. Scrunching down in his seat, the observer waits until the sound of their car has faded before sitting up again.

He scans the street once more, checks the clip on his Beretta 9mm, then steps purposefully from the car.

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Prometheus Rebound Book Cover

You’ve seen the big-budget summer action flicks. You’ve read the books, maybe played the video games. You’ve heard all the conspiracy theories. But this is the real world, the present day. If the unthinkable happened, if we faced an actual, verifiable threat from outside our planet...

What would we do?
The Gryphens Duology tells that tale.

Blending military thriller and science fiction—with an emphasis on the science—new author R.L. Akers produces a well-crafted story peopled by characters you’ll grow to love and hate. When the threat from outer space becomes known, the U.S. government is caught unprepared. With time running out, the military must adapt to an entirely new variety of warfare. Pilots and soldiers must be recruited, trained, and deployed to defensive installations in orbit above North America, and technology must take a giant leap forward—with considerable assistance from a surprising source.

But there are those who would halt these preparations: mercenaries and even traitors within the ranks. What motivates them to betray their world is unknown, but they will stop at nothing to prevent the newest branch of United States military from fulfilling its mandate.

From the shadows of rural England to the bowels of Area 51’s Groom Lake installation, from the most remote corner of our planet to geosynchronous orbit thousands of miles above, the Gryphens Duology comprises a single well-researched and believable story about humanity’s real-world response to the threat of alien invasion. You won’t want to put these books down!

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