Prometheus Revealed

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Already responsible for countless deaths, the mysterious K'LURAN aggressors have made an impossible demand: humanity must abandon all of North America west of the Mississippi. Until that is accomplished, the enemy will continue its campaign of annihilation, targeting another major population center every three months.

Hope is not lost, however. Kara Dunn and her Gryphens, the pilots and support personnel of the newly-established Orbital Defense Corps, have finally assumed their defensive positions in orbit above the United States. But advanced alien technology is not the only threat they face. They must also confront a startling realization: one of their own may be working against them.

As the death count rises and the prophesied showdown draws near, the beleaguered defenders must discover the truth about K'LURA to have any chance of emerging victorious. Along the way, they will discover the truth about themselves as well.

And the truth will shock them...

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Prometheus Revealed Book Cover

You’ve seen the big-budget summer action flicks. You’ve read the books, maybe played the video games. You’ve heard all the conspiracy theories. But this is the real world, the present day. If the unthinkable happened, if we faced an actual, verifiable threat from outside our planet...

What would we do?
The Gryphens Duology tells that tale.

Blending military thriller and science fiction—with an emphasis on the science—new author R.L. Akers produces a well-crafted story peopled by characters you’ll grow to love and hate. When the threat from outer space becomes known, the U.S. government is caught unprepared. With time running out, the military must adapt to an entirely new variety of warfare. Pilots and soldiers must be recruited, trained, and deployed to defensive installations in orbit above North America, and technology must take a giant leap forward—with considerable assistance from a surprising source.

But there are those who would halt these preparations: mercenaries and even traitors within the ranks. What motivates them to betray their world is unknown, but they will stop at nothing to prevent the newest branch of United States military from fulfilling its mandate.

From the shadows of rural England to the bowels of Area 51’s Groom Lake installation, from the most remote corner of our planet to geosynchronous orbit thousands of miles above, the Gryphens Duology comprises a single well-researched and believable story about humanity’s real-world response to the threat of alien invasion. You won’t want to put these books down!

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